No to Racism

Grasshopper Club Zurich and its fans are making a strong statement. During the 2019/20 season, the players of the first team have been wearing the lettering "No To Racism" on their chests.

With the lettering "No To Racism" on the jerseys, the club wants to point out that GC does not tolerate any kind of discrimination - racial or otherwise. The traditional Zurich club does extensive integration work with players from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Some 280 players with roots from South and Southeast Europe, 132 from Switzerland, 34 from African countries, 15 from Northern and Central Europe, eleven from South America, five from Asia, and two each from North America and Eastern Europe are trained and deployed in the junior team.

With this clear statement, the Grasshoppers are speaking out clearly against racism. "In the recent past, some voices have been raised that racist ideas are spreading in the environment of Grasshopper Club Zurich," says board member András Gurovits. They are taking decisive action against this. "With this action we are making it clear to everyone that GC does not tolerate any discrimination or racist tendencies. We are very happy that our fans support these values and are explicitly in favour of an open curve that is accessible to every fan. Discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation or origin will not be tolerated," said the Board of Directors.