GCZ Fan Project

The Fan Project GC Zurich is a long-term prevention project, which is financially supported by the City of Zurich, the Canton of Zurich and Grasshopper Club Zurich.

The main tasks of the GCZ Fan Project are as follows:

  • Presence at all matches of Grasshopper Club Zurich. GCZ Fan Project serves as a point of contact for fans, fan groups and authorities and takes care of their needs.
  • Accompanying the extra trains to Grasshopper Club Zürich's away games.
  • The GCZ Fan Project promotes dialogue between fans, the club, the authorities and the forces of law and order. If necessary, it acts as a mediator.
  • Contact point for the support of fan concerns as well as lobbying function for the expressed needs.
  • Contact point for fans with stadium bans (hearing, reintegration) in cooperation with the head of security of Grasshopper Club Zürich.
  • Individual case assistance and triage for personal problems and problems with the club.
  • Initiation of projects, actions and events .
  • Educational and preventive projects in schools or other institutions.
  • Regular exchange with authorities, club and security on fan-specific topics.
  • Networking, professional development and exchange in cooperation with the network Fanarbeit Schweiz.


  • The Fan Project GC Zurich promotes and supports a positive and creative fan culture. 
  • The needs of the fans are listened to, taken seriously and, if necessary, represented to the outside world. 
  • The fan project should have a preventive effect in the long term. 
  • The fan project creates broad acceptance for fan culture and for the GCZ Fan Project through targeted public relations work. 

Fan Project GC Zürich


Mattias Cadonau
M: +41 79 502 26 76
E: mattias.cadonau[at]fanprojekt-gcz.ch

Fanprojekt GC Zürich
Häringstrasse 16
8001 Zürich