GCZ Fan Project

The GCZ Fan Project is a long-term prevention project based at the Fanarbeit association in Zurich.

The main activities of the GCZ Fan Project include:

  • Promoting a positive and creative fan culture
  • Serving as a point of contact for fan groups, individual GC supporters, authorities and club representatives
  • Liaising between the various stakeholder groups where required
  • Attending all home and away matches; intervening in the event of problems or conflict situations on match days
  • Assisting with individual cases and providing a triage service for personal problems and problems surrounding day-to-day life in football

Fan Project Officer

Mattias Cadonau
M: +41 (0)79 502 26 76
E: mattias.cadonau[at]



GC Zürich Fan Project
Häringstrasse 16
CH-8001 Zurich