Credit Suisse Arena

Since the last game in the Hardturm on September 1, 2007, Grasshopper Club Zurich has been working on various projects to bring back a real football stadium to Zurich. After two failed projects, the third project with the Credit Suisse Arena is currently in the planning phase.

Top-class football and integration

The new football stadium will not only meet the latest safety standards, it will also help the clubs to improve their economic situation with VIP areas, boxes and other revenue opportunities. This will benefit top-level football, the promotion of young talent, and young people with an immigrant background, who can be better integrated into society through sport. In short, this is not just a modern football stadium, but also a contribution to and an enrichment of many things beyond top-level football.

GC in the North Stand

The new stadium with 18,000 standing and seated places offers all fans a modern infrastructure and an up-close, atmospheric football experience. The picture shows the GC stand in the north of the "Credit Suisse Arena"; it comprises 5250 seats, of which 4,400 are standing and 850 are seated.

Modern Venue

After more than ten years at Letzigrund Stadium, GC will finally have a venue designed specifically for football again in the form of the "Credit Suisse Arena". The Hardturm Stadium, built in 1929 on part of the site, was demolished in 2008 with the promise that a new football stadium would be built in the foreseeable future.

New sources of revenue

For the club, the new stadium also has eminent economic significance. As a company with several hundred employees, GC must be able to operate under reasonable economic conditions. The awarding of the naming rights for the stadium to Credit Suisse (Schweiz) AG, as well as admissions, sponsorship and advertising revenues, together with the use of the stadium infrastructure with VIP lounges, restaurants and fan support services, generate additional income. These revenues are important to secure the future of the club.