Information on the SFL's centralised accreditation system for championship matches of the Credit Suisse Super League (CSSL), the dieci Challenge League (DCL) and the Swiss Cup.

From the 2023/24 season, the Swiss Football League will introduce a centralised accreditation system for all CSSL and DCL championship, as well as the swiss cup matches. Access for media representatives to these matches will be exclusively via this system, no longer via individual requests to the home club.

In order to apply for accreditation, the media company must first obtain access to the system from the SFL. This is done up to a maximum of 72 hours before kick-off via the address accreditation[at] Those media companies that applied for accreditation from an SFL club in the course of the previous season have already been registered in the system and supplied with the corresponding access data by the SFL.

After registration by the SFL, the media company can create personalised accounts for the individual employees. In doing so, the entry of contact data and a photo is mandatory. Once all the details have been recorded, an ID is created for the person, which can be stored and accessed in the specially designed app "SFL Accred". The link to download the app will be provided by the SFL when the media company is registered.

Once these steps have been taken, a responsible person from the media company or any registered individual can apply for accreditation for a championship match for any CSSL, DCL, Swiss Cup match in the centralised online system. Season accreditations will no longer be issued. All scheduled championship matches are already recorded in the system and all that is required is to select the desired match and submit a request.

This request will then be processed and answered directly by the home club concerned. Upon acceptance of the request, the home club issues the confirmation and - subject to availability - directly transmits the information on the requested services (access authorisations, seating, information on parking, WLAN access, etc.).

The deadline for the request is set by the home club and ranges from 48 to 24 hours before kick-off. In the event of subsequent changes to a confirmed accreditation, e.g. due to a change of personnel, a direct message will be sent to the media department of the home club.

The decision to accept or reject the accreditation request is at the discretion of the requested home club. In principle, only media representatives who belong to a recognised media association and can present a concrete work assignment will be accepted.

On match day, media representatives with a confirmed accreditation request can receive their access authorisation in form of a printed badge from the time the media centre opens with the ID in the app "SFL Accred". Access is only granted if confirmation is received from the home club. Press and journalist passes do not automatically count as accreditations and do not give access to the stadium.

If you have any questions about the new accreditation system, please contact the SFL at accreditation[at]

Note to photographers on rights to moving images

Accreditation as a photographer only authorises the creation of match images in the form of individual images. It does not authorise the creation of match images in the form of video-like photo series or in the form of videos. This requires the written consent of blue Entertainment AG. Infringements will be prosecuted.

Motion pictures rights

The rights to motion pictures (video) for matches of the national championship and the UEFA Champions League are held by blue Sport. Accredited media representatives may not create and publish moving images at these matches without the consent of blue Entertainment AG.