Boarding School

In the boarding school, young players are prepared for autonomy, so that after leaving the club they can live and manage their own home with other young people as independently as possible: "Helping people to help themselves" is the basic motto of Grasshopper Club Zurich when a young player needs support. We encourage and support young players in their independent activities.

Boarding school facilities

  • Several double rooms (incl. workplace, bed & bedside table, closet, shower & washbasin)
  • Toilets
  • Common room (sofa / TV / games)
  • Dining room
  • Laundry room

Grasshopper Club Zurich pursues the following guiding principles

  • The young footballers are actively accompanied and supported in their development process and are introduced to acting independently and on their own responsibility: The head of the boarding school works in a resource-oriented way and supports the strengths of the individual players.
  • Understanding between residents of different backgrounds and of other age groups is promoted in the GC Boarding School: Empowerment of intercultural competence.
  • The boarding school management offers age-appropriate forms of active participation and co-determination: E.g. participation via group meeting in rules, creation of tasks, room design etc.
  • Open spaces are important for the development of the personality and the identity of the young footballers: The boarding school management enables the players to create and shape these spaces..

The boarding school offers talented footballers the opportunity to combine football and school/teaching in the best possible way without neglecting any area. GC Zurich takes a holistic approach to this. The personality development of the young players is based on the following three pillars:

  1. Care and support at boarding school
  2. Care and support at school
  3. Support and encouragement in football

GC Zurich is convinced that the above three pillars must be on an equal footing. Planning and support for the time after a football career is also important to the club, as football careers can end abruptly at any time for various reasons.

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