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    • 05 / 25 / 23
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At the end of the season, Grasshopper Club Zürich will bid farewell to six players from the first-team squad whose contracts have not been renewed or who are returning to their parent clubs at the end of their loan spells. The club will honour these players in front of their own fans today at the last home game against FC St. Gallen before the warm-up at 7:50 pm.

Grasshopper Club Zürich has not renewed the expiring contracts with Georg Margreitter and Eliseu Nadjack. The two defensive players will thus leave the club after the end of the season and pursue a new challenge.

Loan players Hayao Kawabe and Bendegúz Bolla as well as Teruki Hara will also depart the club and return to their parent clubs after their loan contracts expire.

As already announced, Noah Loosli signed a contract with VfL Bochum a few months ago and will be playing in Germany next season.  

The above-mentioned players will be duly honoured on the occasion of today's home match against FC St. Gallen before the warm-up at 7:50 pm. Grasshopper Club Zürich would like to thank all the players for their commitment over the last few years and looks forward to a successful end to the season together.

Ongoing talks

With André Moreira, Petar Pusic, Christian Herc and Guilherme Schettine, the club is in talks about a possible contract extension. The situation is also still open with Shkelqim Demhasaj and Noah Blasucci. Should the parties come to an agreement, it will be announced at the appropriate time.

Three players return from their loan spell

With Elmin Rastoder, Simone Stroscio and Robin Kalem, three young players who were able to gain important experience at their loan stations during the current season are returning to Zurich. Rastoder played 43 games for FC Vaduz and was involved in 18 goals, one of which he even scored in the UEFA Conference League. Kalem and Stroscio also made regular appearances for FC Schaffhausen, playing 29 and 9 games (from the end of January )respectively for the 'Munotstädter'.

All three loan players will return to Zurich at the end of the season and resume preparation in the second half of June with the other 13 first-team and further selected U21 players.

Below is an overview of the squad situation

Running Contracts

  • Justin Hammel
  • Tomás Ribeiro
  • Ayumu Seko
  • Dominik Schmid
  • Florian Hoxha
  • Amir Abrashi
  • Tsiy Ndenge
  • Giotto Morandi
  • Dion Kacuri
  • Meritan Shabani
  • Filipe De Carvalho
  • Francis Momoh
  • Renat Dadashov

Return from Loan

  • Elmin Rastoder, FC Vaduz
  • Robin Kalem, FC Schaffhausen
  • Simone Stroscio, FC Schaffhausen

Ongoing talks

  • André Moreira
  • Petar Pusic
  • Christian Herc
  • Guilherme Schettine
  • Shkelqim Demhasaj
  • Noah Blasucci

Departures/Loan end

  • Eliseu Nadjack
  • Georg Margreitter
  • Noah Loosli, VfL Bochum
  • Teruki Hara, Shimizu S-Pulse
  • Bendegúz Bolla, Wolverhampton Wanderers
  • Hayao Kawabe, Wolverhampton Wanderers