"Hopper Hilfe"

In spring 2020, GC launched the "Hopper Hilfe". Under the motto "Hoppers help Hoppers", GC wants to give something back.

The "Hopper Hilfe" was founded during the outbreak of the coronavirus. During the initial months of the pandemic, Hoppers were able to help other Hoppers with monetary donations. Affected families and individuals were financially supported in difficult times.

The response from GC fans, sponsors, partners, patrons, staff, players and staff was very great and the "Hopper Hilfe" was able to support many affected families. GC will continue to help families, especially children. Money will continue to be collected, for example to finance GC Kids Camps for families in need, so that every child has the chance to attend a GC Kids Camp.

If you would like to participate and support needy children, you can now transfer a contribution to the account number below:

IBAN: CH36 0483 5044 9802 3100 8
Name: Grasshopper Fussball AG, HopperHilfe
Bank: Credit Suisse, 8070 Zurich

The Grasshopper Club Zurich would like to thank all donors and is pleased to be able to make GC Kids Camps possible for all children in the greater Zurich area.