Football Without Violence

Football is a game that stands for fairness, integration and togetherness. A game that has no place for violence. A game that should allow young and old fans to show their colours with pride and joy. Whether at school or in the city, everyone should have the right to wear their team's jersey without feeling endangered or attacked. No matter which side you are on.

Under the motto "Fuessball ohni Gwalt" (Football without Violence), Grasshopper Club Zurich and FC Zurich sent a clear signal against violence and the recurring riots between supporters of the two teams on the occasion of the 280th Zurich derby.

Such incidents, which take place in the city of Zurich and the surrounding area and often affect children and families, have nothing to do with the sport we love, but endanger the lives of many innocent people.

Grasshopper Club Zurich and FC Zurich condemn such acts of violence in the strongest possible terms and are jointly committed to a passionate, dedicated and yet respectful fan culture. To further underline the importance of this common cause, all players wore the campaign slogan "Fuessball ohni Gwalt" (Football without Violence) on the back of their jerseys at the 280th derby.

With the orange derby shirt, which was specially designed for this occasion, Grasshopper Club Zurich wants to sensitise all its fans to this issue and at the same time play an active role in the prevention of violence.
GC Zurich has in fact donated 20% of the proceeds from the derby shirts sold to the Zurich-based association "Prisoners Help Young People" to accompany and actively support young people on their way into the adult world.

"Football is a sport that connects and brings together children and adults all over the world. It is extremely important that we players set a good example by representing values such as respect and tolerance despite the great rivalry and by standing up for football without violence," says GC captain Amir Abrashi.

Grasshopper Club Zurich and FC Zurich stand together for football without violence. For a healthy and peaceful rivalry! Not only on derby days, but 365 days a year.