Today, Sunday, 6 January 2019, the first training modules in the new year were scheduled for Grasshopper Club Zurich. 

After the senior team of Grasshopper Club Zurich already broke a sweat yesterday in the sports medicine performance tests, this Sunday morning first had an individual training session in the gym on the schedule before the first team completed the first training units on the pitch. Here, senior trainer Thorsten Fink assembled all players for a joint welcome address, then the team, broken down into several groups, performed various exercises in winter temperatures. Finally, the GC professionals got into gear again in an intense training match.  

Some players from the U21 team of Grasshopper Club Zurich such as Giotto Morandi, Serge Müller or Mergim Bajrami will complete their preparations with the first team. 

Next week the first team will be training daily on the GC/Campus, whereas the only public unit will be on Tuesday afternoon, 8 January 2019. The first test match of the new year will be played by GC away against FC Wil. It is now scheduled for Sunday, 13 January 2019, at 12:00. On 16 January the famous club from the city of Zurich will travel to Belek (Turkey), where it will prepare in detail for the second half of the season until 25 January.

You can find all information on the further preparation schedule here

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