At the beginning of October 2018, the digital National Donations Register was launched. The Swiss Football League and Swisstransplant are focusing on the subject of organ donations from 19 to 28 October within the framework of the SFL theme week. Grasshopper Club Zurich is using this week to raise awareness for this important subject for our society. .  

Only 3 of 100 people in Switzerland carry an organ donation card on them today. This means that it is mostly unclear whether someone is willing to donate their organs after their death. The donation question often arises unexpectedly, which makes it all the more important that relatives and hospital staff know the personal wish of the person concerned and can act accordingly. 

With the national organ donations register, Swisstransplant is for the first time creating a digital option to note one's personal decision for or against organ and tissue donations. This creates clarity and certainty for all parties involved. What is more, the decision for or against organ or tissue donations is safely stored in this database.

The Swiss Football League aims to support the launch of the National Organ Donations Register with its clubs and encourage as many football fans as possible to consider the subject of organ donations, take a personal decision and enter it as approval or rejection in the register. 

Bujar Lika calls on fans

As the ambassador of Grashopper Club Zurich, GC defender Bujar Lika explains in a short video message his thoughts on the subject of organ donations and announces that he has taken a personal decision. At he same time, he encourages GC fans to also use the National Organ Donations Register and note their decision on a digital donations card. 

Activities around the home match against Basel 

In addition to the short film, which will be broadcast both on the club's own channels and the stadium screen, the home match of Grasshopper Club Zurich against FC Basel 1893 on Saturday, 27 October, will be dominated by the SFL theme week. Together with the University Hospital of Zurich and Swisstransplant, GC is implementing various activities to raise greater awareness: for instance, the football professionals will enter the stadium on the day of the home match with children who have received a transplant. Additionally, specialists from the area of organ donations will be present at an information stand in block C with Swisstransplant, clarify questions and point out the importance of considering the question of organ donations. Furthermore, fliers with information about the National Organ Donations Register will be distributed in all blocks to raise awareness among match attendees for the subject of organ donations and to encourage them to take a personal decision and to record it accordingly.. 

All videos and communications relating to the theme week can be found permanently on the social media channels of Grasshopper Club Zurich.

The official website of the SFL theme week can be found here.