The vote on a new football stadium in the city of Zurich is coming ever closer. Grasshopper Club Zurich is fighting for every vote with events and flyer campaigns.  

"Which on of you would like to play in this football stadium in the future?" asked GC CEO Manuel Huber yesterday evening and saw many children's hands raised in response. Yesterday, GC invited some 200 grassroots players and their parents to an information event at the Sheraton hotel in Zurich-West. Huber informed the guests of the upcoming stadium vote and answered their questions. 

Looking into the hall, the high social and integrative energy of football in Zurich once again became clear. Some 70 per cent of the players among GC's grassroots have a migration background, underlining the fact that football is the second strongest integration factor in Switzerland after schools.

Huber emphatically pointed out in his presentation how important each individual vote will be. "In fewer than two weeks' time, on 25 November 2018, we will be voting on the Ensemble stadium project. An extremely close result is expected." This makes it all the more important to mobilise all persons eligible to vote to support the project. 

In addition to yesterday's event, GC had already invited all football clubs in the city of Zurich to an information event at the FIFA museum last week in cooperation with FCZ and the President of the Football Association of the City of Zurich. The entire sporting and administrative staff on the GC/Campus was also updated on the current situation of the stadium vote in an information talk a couple of days ago. Furthermore, numerous flyers were handed out in the streets of Zurich on the past three weekends to convince passers-by to vote Yes.