Elio Keller is assuming the role of head of office of Grasshopper Fussball AG.

Zurich, 1 July 2019: Grasshopper Fussball AG informed in Niederhasli this morning that Elio Keller (62) will be taking over the role of head of office with immediate effect. Elio Keller, who lives with his family in Horgen on Lake Zurich, is an experienced Swiss finance and banking specialist. Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Dr András Gurovits is pleased that someone was found in such a short period of time who can assume the management of the office in this challenging time. "Elio Keller brings a lot of management experience to the table and is a prudent person who can really pull his weight. That is precisely what Grasshopper Fussball AG needs at the moment. We need to calmly build up a solid base and consistently work on it," says Gurovits. After the team around trainer Uli Forte for the sporting area was presented on 7 June 2019, this is a further step within the framework of the new alignment of the management structure.

Elio Keller calls football his great passion. His favourite club is, of course, Grasshopper Club Zurich. "It goes without saying that I have above-average interest in Grasshopper Club Zurich and in football quite generally." Elio Keller looks forward to his task at the famous club. "It is an exciting challenge and I can't wait to get stuck in." It remains open how the role or the head of office will develop. "Elio Keller has promised to perform his role for as long as he is needed," explains Gurovits and adds that Grasshopper Fussball AG has not yet completed the process of rebuilding. 


Farewell to Manuel Huber

At the presentation of Elio Keller, the former CEO Manuel Huber was seen off at the same time. Manuel Huber will, however, support Elio Keller for a couple of days during his introduction. Grasshopper Fussball AG wishes to thank Manuel Huber for his service and his great commitment to Grasshopper Club Zurich.