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While there are still three games to be played in the championship, preparations for the 23/24 season are in full swing in the background. Ticketing prices remain unchanged and digital season tickets are now also available. Below you will find all the important information for the coming season.

In about two weeks, the 22/23 season will already be over and the focus will be on the new 23/24 season, which will be held for the first time in the new game mode with 12 teams. Below, Grasshopper Club Zürich provides information on ticketing for the coming season.

Introduction of the digital season ticket as an option

With a view to sustainability and increasing digitalisation, Grasshopper Club Zürich has decided to offer its fans the option of switching to a digital season ticket in the coming season. In doing so, each person can decide for themselves whether to continue to receive the traditional physical season ticket or go with the digital option. GC Zurich is aware of the value that a physical season ticket has with many fans and therefore wants to continue to guarantee this option. However, it will not be possible to combine the physical subscription with the digital option. Those who opt for a physical ticket thus forgo the possibility of passing on the subscription via the digital route.

Ticket prices remain unchanged

GC Zurich will not increase ticket prices this season. The individual ticket prices will therefore remain unchanged and the season subscriptions will only be adjusted to the increased number of home games. This is due to the new match schedule, in which the CSSL clubs will play 19 to 21 home matches (depending on the course of the season) instead of the previous 18. The prices of the season tickets have therefore been adjusted so that they correspond to the minimum number of 19 home matches. 
In addition to the home matches in the Credit Suisse Super League, possible home matches in the Swiss Cup will also be included in the coming season.

Pricelist season ticket 23/24

Pricelist single tickets 23/24

The advantages at a glance

  • Free admission to all CSSL home matches
  • Free entry to all home games in the Swiss Cup
  • Two "Plus 1" promotions (matches are fixed by GC)
  • Free entry to GC U21 home games at GC/Campus
  • When renewing an existing season subscription: 20% fanshop voucher (valid in season 23/24)

Please note: Due to the change of mode, no pre-season or second-round subscriptions are currently planned.

New Family Packages

From the coming season, Family Packages will also be available in the online shop and no longer have to be ordered by form. In addition, there are now four predefined packages.

Support for women's football

In order to support GC women's football, season subscribers of men's football will receive a discount on the GC women's season subscription. The subscription is therefore available at a special price of CHF 50 instead of 80. Further information on this offer and how it will be handled will be communicated in due course.  

Start of season ticket sales

Current season ticket holders will be contacted shortly after the end of the season and given the opportunity to renew their subscription directly online. A few weeks after that (probably mid-June), public subscription sales will be launched.

Further information and instructions on digital season subscriptions and tickets will be communicated in due course. We are now looking forward to a successful end to the season and an exciting preparation for the 23/24 season.