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    • 02 / 04 / 23
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GC Zurich beat FC Basel 1893 1-0 with Hayao Kawabe scoring the decisive goal for the Blue and Whites deep into injury time.

First Half

Supported by the fireworks of the GC fans, the Hoppers started the match very actively. Already in the first minutes, they came dangerously into the FCB penalty area, but no goal was to be scored yet. The first attempt of the Basel team was made by Zeqiri in the 10th minute. André Moreira was able to save his low shot. Only four minutes later, the keeper had to intervene again: This time he successfully blocked a half-volley by Kade. After that, most of the action took place in midfield and there were no more big chances until the 37th minute. Then Amdouni entered the Zurich box, but the GCZ defence combined forces to prevent a dangerous finish. The Hoppers did not produce much forward play after the initial phase: Shortly before the end, Dominik Schmid had a shot from a good position, but the full-back clearly missed the goal. So it went into the break without any goals.

Second Half

FCB had the first big chance of the second half. After an opening on the left, the ball landed in the rear of the box to Lang. The latter took off with a powerful shot, but Moreira showed a strong save and thus kept the score at zero for Grasshopper Club Zurich. After that, it took a long time until the next great offensive action in Zurich. In the 68th minute, the Hoppers played a fast attack via Herc and Bolla. The latter crossed the ball to Pusic, who came rushing from behind, but sent the ball over the crossbar and past the goal. In the 75th minute, Renat Dadashov had another attempt. The striker, who came on as a substitute, tried a long shot, but it caused no problems for the FCB goalkeeper. GC Zurich were now getting more and more into their stride and only a few minutes later had the next opportunity. After another attack on the left, Bolla's shot could only be deflected at the last moment. And it went on like that: Pusic tried his luck from the edge of the penalty area with a volley. His shot was also deflected decisively. The last chance belonged to FCB: Amdouni had a header in injury time, but André Moreira completed his great performance with another strong save and thus secured one point for the Hoppers. Or even more? Even more! Because the game was not over yet and Schmid played a high ball deep to Dadashov with his final effort. Dadashov forced Hitz, who was coming out, to a poor clearance, which landed in Hayao Kawabe's feet. The Japanese player did not hesitate for a second and shot from distance. The ball was perfectly struck and landed in the goal. The Grasshoppers win this game in the last second and take the three points!

The season continues next weekend for Giorgio Contini's team with an away match in Geneva. Kick-off at the Stade de Genève is on Saturday at 18:00.

I saw an even first half. In the second half, we had André Moreira, who showed many outstanding saves. In football, there are beautiful victories, bitter defeats, and victories that you do not fully expect. That's how it ended today. That's just part of football, that you sometimes get three points with a bit of luck. In any case, we are pleased and want to take the momentum with us."

Giorgio Contini after the match