In Niederhasli, right next to the "Erlen" sport and leisure park, is the GC/Campus – the biggest project in the history of Grasshopper Club Zürich. The GC/Campus serves as a training and education centre for all of GC's top-level football teams (from the Under 15s to the first team) and grass-roots sports teams in the football section. The campus is also home to the boarding house for GC's youth players and the corporate office of Grasshopper Fussball AG.

Facts & figures

Start of construction: August 2004
Official move-in date: 21 July 2005
Area: 55,000 m2
Cost: CHF 20.5 million
Architect: Dachtler Partner AG


  • 1 main pitch with natural turf, 105 x 68 m, including covered stand with 583 seats
  • 2 pitches with natural turf, 100 x 64 m
  • 1 pitch with artificial turf, 100 x 64 m
  • 1 pitch with artificial turf, 90 x 58 m
  • 1 small pitch with artificial turf for football tennis and header training
Site plan
1. Maintenance building / 2. “Donnerstag Club/YouDoc” main pitch, natural turf / 3. Stand with 400 seats / 4. “GC ZEHN” natural turf pitch / 5. “Griffith Club” natural turf pitch / 6. “Blue Label” artificial turf pitch / 7. Mini artificial turf pitch / 8. “Business Club” artificial turf pitch / 9. GC Corner / 10. GFAG administrative office / 11. Press and theory room / 12. Spa area / 13. Staff offices / 14. Gym / 15. First team physio / 16. Youth physio / 17. Youth coaches’ office / 18. Youth boarding house / 19. Ground floor accommodation / 20. Laundry
Car park

Car park

The car park in front of the GC/Campus has been under new management since 1 January 2018. Parking here used to be free but is now subject to a charge. This change is in line with the decision taken by the Erlen sport and leisure park, which is also charging for parking as of 1 January 2018 due to persistently high volumes of traffic around the facility.

We have set up a parking ticket machine for all visitors to the GC/Campus. If you enter your vehicle's licence plate number, you can park here under the following conditions:

  • First hour: free
  • Every additional hour: CHF 1
  • Day ticket: CHF 5

To save as much time and effort as possible for regular users (e.g. parents of GC youth players), long-term parking tickets can be purchased for a flat fee of CHF 120. This entitles you to unlimited parking in the car park in front of the GC/Campus. 

If you would like to purchase a parking ticket for CHF 120, please contact the GC/Campus administrative contact directly.