GC Football Section membership

"Euses Herz schlaht sit 1886 für Blauwiis" ("Passionate about the blue-and-whites since 1886")

Membership offers a range of benefits, from a pair of free tickets for a GC home match to the corporate magazine "GC Inside".

It costs CHF 100 per year (including VAT) to become a member of our club. For an extra CHF 50 (including VAT), you can also support our GC women's team. Become a part of our club today and enjoy the benefits listed below.


Benefits of becoming a member of the Football Section

Membership cardfeaturing your name and membership number
2 free ticketsfor a GC home match of your choice in the Challenge League in sector A, B or C (subject to availability)
Free entryto all matches on the GC/Campus (1st team friendly matches and GC Youth games)
Eventsorganised by and involving GC
Participationin the annual section meeting
GC womenSeason ticket for the women's home matches in National League A


Grasshopper Fussball AG
GC Membership
Dielsdorferstrasse 165
PO Box 377
CH-8155 Niederhasli

T: +41 (0) 44 447 46 46
F: +41 (0) 44 447 46 90
E: mitglieder[at]

Please note the Articles of Association for the Football Section.